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Somerset House Services, Inc. started in 2006 in response to a growing need for complete estate services.  There were companies that conducted Estate Sales (also known as “tag sales”), but who did you call if the house was a complete wreck and you needed it cleaned out quick in order to put the house up for sale?  And what did you do if you also needed to go through all the desk drawers and filing cabinets and piles of mail so that you could come up with a list of Great Aunt Millie’s assets?  Or the attorney told you that the Probate Court required a complete inventory and appraisal of the contents of the house, the barn, and the storage unit?  And how in the world were you going to do all this, work, and look after your family?




We will gladly provide you with a list of attorneys and clients that we have worked with on projects upon request.


What Our Clients Say

“I am not sure I can put into words what lifesavers Somerset House was at a time when I was overwhelmed as the Executor of both my parents' estates.  Their house was filled to the brim with over 50 years of accumulation, from attic to basement to garage. Before I contacted her, I had movers bring the boxes down from the attic. That alone took 8 hours (no emptying them, just moving them). That was in the spring of 2009, and I am convinced that had I undertaken this task, I would still be going through the house finding things and trying to figure out their worth.


I found everyone at Somerset House to be honest, thorough, hard-working, professional, and genuinely interested in helping. They get excited about doing their job and are extremely good at it. They went through everything in that house and found many hidden items that someone else would have missed, (gold jewelry at the bottom of a basket of paperbacks, sterling silver in a box of old garden chemicals, and a lot of other things that we didn’t know mom had.)  And then they held a very successful four day estate sale!  Hiring Somerset House for this project was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."   Pat P.




“Thanks, thanks and more thanks!!! Now that we can see the "miracles" you perform, we wish you were in New York so that we could hire you for the next estate sale.  Again, it was a pleasure and fun working with you.”   Dr. & Mrs. O




“I just want to thank you again for dealing with my aunt’s house. I still can’t believe that you managed clean out that house in just three days, if I hadn’t found you I’d probably still be trying to get through the living room. And please thank your workers again for the box of jewelry and coins you found, we had no idea that she even owned this kind of stuff.”   T. T.




“I needed help in the worst way after my mother's death. Disorganized legal and financial papers, vital pieces of my mother's complicated estate (part two of my father's complicated estate), were stacked in three-foot piles on my living room floor, a maze that embarrassed and irritated me. I kept thinking I should be able to get on top of things, read the fine print, organize. How hard could it be?


Hard. Very hard. Incomprehensibility clearly was the goal for the sly writers of the six-point type that held the keys to releasing money my parents had earned and wanted their three children to have. I put off the appointment a couple of times in the hope of at least organizing the piles better. I needn't have bothered. From the moment she got down on the floor and started sorting, I knew my salvation had arrived.


Her competence, especially during an emotional time, is compelling, but equally important, of course, is her honesty. I trust her completely. I just wish that we had known about her when my father died. It would have been an enormous relief.” C.S.

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